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Retail? Anyone knows what retail is.
You buy products from your suppliers, and sell it back to your clients.

But, what is “Smart Retail”?

Smart Retail helps your business grow with the most advanced technologies.

Your methods are the best on the market; your knowledge is the deepest.
Now, how can you be better?

Right, Smart Retail!

Smart Retail is the advanced professional way to manage your business.
Smart Retail takes your methods and knowledge and merges with the most advanced technologies .
ERP, and CRM aren’t insults, they are the keywords for you next profitable leap.
Smart Retail isn’t just a slogan, it is the way to do business with less effort, more efficiency
Don’t speak IT, speak business!

Data Management

Allow you to save time and have one-version-of-truth with any inputs, from all the ERP systems to get one manageable system.

Business Intelligent

Infinity informations into one summary dashboard. To see your business situation ahead of opportunities.

Data Mining

So much data! But how does it help you? Inspect your client's behaviours and find how increase you potential.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

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HR Automatic

Smart Retail is to manage the internal company's personnel as well as the external one optimally. Planning and Reporting System working hours of familiar stores, using the quantities of visitors per hour, is expected to reach inventory and daily sales target. The system allows sending reports to the headquarters and the stores management. Payroll, including the calculation of bonuses according to sales, travel reimbursement, and more - all with the click of a button. The system works at 14 stores in the Netherlands and 23 stores in Portugal


Smart Retail is to manage sales promotion campaigns intelligently. Annual Planning System with sets of various sales promotion in hundreds of stores. System calculates the amount of inventory required for optimal performance of the sales, order publications, according to the relevant furniture configuration and sales reports are adjusted to suppliers and stores. The system works in 300 stores in France, 65 stores in Spain and even in 100 stores in China!


Smart Retail is to manage the production of the private label products in dozens of suppliers, while sampling products and Alerts quality products that deviates from the norm, before the customer will feel the difference. System for monitoring the Sephora's private label and management approvals in 14 countries in collaboration information from the marketing department, sales, logistics and legal

Al Capone

Smart Retail is to discontinue unprofitable products, and focusing on the best sellers without prejudice to the client's shopping experience. Crucifixion system data from 12 different systems around the world, allows the creation of a complex system with a simple snapshot, what are the most profitable products compared to products that do not create real profit to the company. The system ran regularly twice a year on 100 brands of coty.

Somfy plus

Smart Retail is to create a smart calculator for distribution to the customers, so they can calculate their desired product and reduce the call to the technical support and increasing sales The company Somfy sells first class motors. To choose the right motor you should be a genius! ... Or use the simple calculator display the desired motors, build a proposal to the clients and even an order to the supply chain.


And you, how do you want to become smarter?

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